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Callaway Golf Strike Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Strike Stand Bag


Callaway Golf Strike Stand Bag

Keeping your clubs in order can be chaotic at the best of times, so why not sort them out in one sudden strike with Callaway Golf’s new Strike Stand Bag? It’s light, small and spacious enough for all your accessories, while a colour coordinated divider system puts your irons, woods, hybrids, putter and driver in their place. The Callaway Golf Mens Strike Stand Bag is a lightweight stand bag available in black, blue or orange.

Strike Stand Bag Eight Way Divider Management System

Callaway has been wise to colour coordinate their Strike Stand Bag’s eight way divider system for convenient club management. The rear area is designed to hold your driver and 3 wood, while the three full length slots take care of your irons and the other 4 mesh covered areas are ideal for your hybrids, putters and other clubs.

Callaway Golf Strike Stand Bag Features

Padded for comfort and designed for convenience, Callaway Golf’s Strike Stand Bag has a wealth of features to improve the organisation and speed of your game. Perfect planning makes perfect players.

  • Colour Coordinated Eight Way Divider & Four Full Length Dividers
  • Six Zippered Pockets
  • Dual Strap System & Dual Stand System
  • Included Rain Hood & Umbrella Holder

Callaway Golf Dual Strap & Dual Stand Systems

Supporting your clubs from above and below is a combination of systems for maximum comfort and stability. A heavily padded Callaway Golf Dual Strap System distributes weight evenly across the shoulders for a comfortable carry, while a standard Dual Stand System keeps the full bag upright and securely stores away with Velcro strap retainers. The Callaway Golf Mens Strike Stand Bag also features six pockets including a ball pocket and cooler pocket, umbrella holder and clip on rain hood.