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Sun Mountain Superlight Stand Bag 2007

Sun Mountain Superlight Stand Bag 2007


Sun Mountain Superlight Stand Bag 2007

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So light you can comfortably lift it with just one hand! Sun Mountain proves that they’re still king of the lightweight castle with their Superlight Stand Bag 2007, featuring an unbelievable 3.5lbs (1.36kg) of weight. This means you can cram in all your clubs and accessories into this spacious stand bag and still feel the benefit of a lighter and more comfortable carry thanks to an X-Strap Dual Strap System and more great carrying features. The Sun Mountain Superlight Stand Bag 2007 is available in a variety of colours including: black/baltic, black/gold, black/red, black/lime and navy.

Superlight Stand Bag X-Strap Dual Strap System

Not only is it the lightest stand bag ever, it’s also easy to transport thanks to a X-Strap Dual Strap System that crosses over your shoulders, distributing weight evenly for a comfortable carry. This is helped by an integrated top handle to get it all off the ground. The only downside of this amazing lightweight construction is the need for added stability, yet Sun Mountain don’t skimp on this either; providing a patented Roller Bottom and recessed Y-spring leg activator for faster and firmer leg action. Triangular non-slip foot pads prevent the bag from sinking into turf and sliding on slippery surfaces.

Sun Mountain Superlight Stand Bag 2007 Features

With extra light weight Sun Mountain has made no excuse for you to not cram their Superlight Stand Bag full of more clubs and accessories than ever before. Or you could carry on as you are and simply appreciate the newfound comfort.

  • The Lightest Stand Bag in Golf!
  • Patented Roller Bottom & Recessed Y-Spring Legs
  • 9.5 Inches Six Way Top
  • Several Pockets Including Water Bottle Pouch & Valuables Pocket

Sun Mountain Spacious Design

Sun Mountain’s super light stand bag sports a surprisingly spacious design and without all that free weight, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of it. A 9.5 six way top with two full length dividers provides plenty of room for a plethora of clubs. Several pockets including a water bottle pouch, velour-lined valuables pocket, full-length clothing pocket and ball pocket provide a wealth of room for all your accessories and extras. There’s also the obligatory pen holder and clip-in rain hood too.