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Callaway Euro Trolley Bag 2006

Callaway Euro Trolley Bag 2006


Callaway Euro Trolley Bag 2006

This Callaway Trolley Bag is sturdy, hardwearing and has a super cool design. If you need a lot of storage space for your balls, clothes, equipment then this is an ideal buy for you. It has seven substantially sized pockets and a seven-way divider with three full dividers. There are two tough handles to make it easy for you to lift it on and off the trolley or in and out of your car. Available in the strong and cheerful colours Blue/Orange and Blue/Yellow. This Euro Trolley Bag will keep your clubs safe from any damage.

Euro Trolley Bag 2006 Club Compartments & Full Dividers

To make your clubs manageable and provide them with the best shaft protection, the Euro Trolley Bag 2006 Club has a 9.5” top cuff filled by seven club compartments featuring three full dividers made from soft high quality fabric to reduce shaft damage from long journeys.

Callaway Euro Trolley Bag 2006 Features

The Callaway Euro Trolley Bag 2006 is a beast of a golf accessory that has many powerful features.

  • Seven Club Dividers With Three Full Dividers
  • Weighs 3.94Kg (8.68lbs)
  • Two Strong Handle Grips For Easy Lifting
  • Seven Pockets & A Front Tee Holder

Callaway Seven Pocket System & Cart Access Design

Having developed their trolley bag design to grant easy access while on any golf cart, Callaway’s Seven Pocket System is easy to reach, so you can grab that essential accessory at any moment. The Callaway Euro Trolley Bag 2006 also has dual handle grips for easy lifting the golf cart or out of the car and comes with a front tee holder and a cord umbrella holder.